Author: sylvain

Release v1.23 will come with a new function that helps you to create accounts on websites, using existing logins and generating strong random passwords! Watch the video below to learn more! Want to try it now? Please download v1.23b3!

See release notes (fr).

Take a look at this video and see this documentation to learn how to configure and use swSSOMobile ! swSSO 1.22b2+ required (available here).

You just have to start Opera with –force-renderer-accessibility !

Chrome 69 compatibility: please update swSSO before september 4, 2018! More information in the release notes (fr).  

Available here!

Single sign on for Microsoft Edge is now available! More information in the release notes (fr).

This version includes the fix for Firefox 58+ and some enhancements to make your configurations more reliable: search iFrame URLs (Internet Explorer only) and search for a label in the web pages. More information in the release notes (fr).

Some fixes and many enhancements for enterprise usage, including an auto-password change feature! More information in release notes (fr). Please note that this version does not include the Firefox Quantum fix (still working on it, beta available here).