Enterprise version comes with key features you definitely need to use swSSO in your company:

  • A server (PHP/MySQL) that hosts and delivers configurations to your users;
  • A password recovery service;
  • A lot of settings to restrict GUI and limit user rights;
  • An administration guide.

The enterprise version is a free software too!

Source code available here: https://github.com/swSSO/swsso.

Installation packages and documentation are available here (packages and documentation translation in progress…):

  • swSSO vX.YY – Installation serveur.zip: php files and database create scripts;
  • swSSO vX.YY – Outils de recouvrement.zip: password recovery service;
  • swSSO vX.YY – Tous les modules.zip: contains all binaries;
  • swSSO vX.YY – Guide d’administration.pdf : administration guide;