Release 1.16

Firefox 56 compatibility and some other enhancements… more information in release notes (fr).

Release 1.15

What’s new?

  • New features for enterprise usage: administrator’s authentication and admin client IHM enhancements.
  • Bugs fixed relative to login and password fields filling.

More information in release notes (fr).


Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) issue

1) Error starting swSSO 

Windows upgrade deletes a swSSO registry key, so you have to reset it using one of the following methods:

a) Reinstall swSSO (please backup your ini file first – default location: %appdata%\swSSO)


b) Edit registry and add “swSSOCM” into “ProviderOrder” value into the following keys:
ProviderOrder value should look like this:

2) Edge compatibility broken

A Microsoft patch is needed, so please consider using Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer for a few weeks or months…

Release 1.14

What’s new?

  • A lot of new customization features for enterprise usage;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

More information in release notes (fr).

Release 1.13

What’s new?

  • Multilingual (french and english);
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Edge browser (login form and popup);
  • WinDev, .NET Winforms and WPF applications support.

More information in release notes (fr).