Some fixes and many enhancements for enterprise usage, including an auto-password change feature! More information in release notes (fr).

Please note that this version does not include the Firefox Quantum fix (still working on it, beta available here).

This release fixes the high CPU usage with Firefox 56

Firefox 56 compatibility and some other enhancements… more information in release notes (fr).

What’s new?

  • New features for enterprise usage: administrator’s authentication and admin client IHM enhancements.
  • Bugs fixed relative to login and password fields filling.

More information in release notes (fr).


1) Error starting swSSO 

Windows upgrade deletes a swSSO registry key, so you have to reset it using one of the following methods:

a) Reinstall swSSO (please backup your ini file first – default location: %appdata%\swSSO)


b) Edit registry and add “swSSOCM” into “ProviderOrder” value into the following keys:
ProviderOrder value should look like this:

2) Edge compatibility broken

A Microsoft patch is needed, so please consider using Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer for a few weeks or months…

What’s new?

  • A lot of new customization features for enterprise usage;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

More information in release notes (fr).

What’s new?

  • Multilingual (french and english);
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Edge browser (login form and popup);
  • WinDev, .NET Winforms and WPF applications support.

More information in release notes (fr).