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    David CHEMOUL


    I’m evaluating your product as a replacement for the discontinued Citrix product Password Manager. I’m facing a problem with the configuration of the automatic recovery. The recoverWS is installed on a 2k16 IIS. I walk through all the procedure to setup the WS and the service start normally on the server.

    The url of my WS is http://server.domain:666/swsso/swssorecover.aspx

    On my client I put the following configuration in regitry:
    RecoveryWebserviceActive 1
    RecoveryWebserviceHTTPS 0
    RecoveryWebserviceNbTry 2
    RecoveryWebservicePort 666 (decimal)
    RecoveryWebserviceServer server.domain
    RecoveryWebserviceTimeout 8
    RecoveryWebserviceURL /swsso/swssorecover.aspx

    But no luck with the test. I changed the last 4 digits of CheckSynchro in swsso.ini and swsso client refuse to start. When I put back the old ini, it’s ok.

    Apart that, your product is very impressive and, as a citrix expert, I found it more powerful than Citrix Password Manager in a lot of ways.

    Best regards,

    PS: On peut parler français aussi… ;)

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